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Microwave Communication Link Between Sta. Cruz, Laguna And Nagcarlan, Laguna For The Expansion Of Digital Communications Incorporated Philippines (DIGITEL)

Al Linver M. Evangelista | Radley L. Torres | Paul John P. Villanueva

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



This study aimed to design a microwave communication link between Sta. Cruz and Nagcarlan in Laguna for the expansion of Digital Telecommunications Inc., Philippines (DIGITEL). This microwave link provides the needed transmission bandwidth and reliability to allow transmission telephony, transmission of data, router link, protection relay link, and administration transaction.


This study would provide the necessary equipment to be used in building microwave communication between the two given sites. It would also provide the necessary preparations, procedures, and mathematical calculations that would support the establishment of the microwave communication link between the two sites. This design aimed to be economical on the part of DIGITEL by computing the different parameters in determining the feasibility of the study.


Different preparations and computations were conducted to achieve the objective of the study. Path survey and actual visitation were conducted to achieve and verify a clear line of sight for the design. Path calculation was also conducted to verify if the microwave link can achieve the required reliability which is 99.9999%. The study also provided the necessary economic study to show if the design is feasible for the client.


The computed reliability was 99.99991806% and 99.99991942% for the low band frequency and high band frequency respectively. Results in the economic study showed that the payback period is 8.44 months.