HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 43 no. 1 (2010)

Validating the Factors of the English and Filipino Versions of the Sense of Self Scale

Fraide A. Ganotice Jr. | Allan B. I. Bernardo

Discipline: Psychology



The Sense of Self (S0S) Scale measures different aspects of a learner’s sense of purpose and self-concept that are related to their motivations to strive in their academic endeavors, and is designed to have four dimensions: sense of purpose, sense of reliance, negative self-esteem, and positive self-esteem. In this study, we developed a (conversational) Filipino version of the SOS using a translation process that combined a committee approach with back-translation. To assess the validity of the four-factor structure of the Filipino and English versions of the S0S, 765 high school students were asked 10 complete one of the two versions. Confirmatory factory analysis indicated a good fit between the four-factor structure and the data from the two language versions. The scales corresponding to the four factors were also found to show adequate internal reliability for both versions. Finally, the pattern of correlations among the four factors were similar for both versions. The discussion focused on the viability of the four-factor structure of the Filipino and English SOS Scales for use in various research explorations on Filipino students' motivations in school.