HomeThe Asia-Pacific Education Researchervol. 19 no. 2 (2010)

Funding For Research and Research Training and Its Effects on Research Activity: The Case of the Philippines

Angelito Calma

Discipline: Education Development



Philippine universities are at a critical stage in their efforts to enhance research and improve research training. The government, through the Commission on Higher Education, is exploring ways to involve universities in capacity building while universities are developing ways to be recognised in research internationally. However, government and university initiatives require funding if they are to be successfully managed and sustained. This makes funding for research and research training an important area to investigate. This paper discusses the provision of funding for research and research training in the Philippines and the challenges it presents to higher education, and the likely implications. This research involved the participation of government officials, university executives, and academic staff. The study’s findings show that the current levels of national and institutional funding for research and research training can affect university research activity. These effects were observed in the following areas: (1) the attractiveness of undertaking a GRD, (2) the type of research undertaken, and (3) the support for the dissemination of research. Another significant concern identified by this study is that engagement of staff in research is an issue of funding as much it is about developing their research competences and motivation to undertake research.