HomeThe Asia-Pacific Education Researchervol. 20 no. 1 (2011)

Besides Using Transformational Leadership, What Should Schools Do to Achieve Innovation?

Hsi-chi Hsiao | Jen-chia Chang | Ya-ling Tu

Discipline: Education, Education Administration



To improve the quality of vocational high school, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan promoted the program of supporting first-tier vocational high school to transit to professional characteristics school. It was clear that many schools for innovation were deliberately changing their organizational structures, working practices, and school leadership strategies. Besides using transformational leadership, what should schools do to achieve innovation? Through the questionnaire survey, this study investigated how transformational leadership effects on organizational innovation and determined whether organizational learning and support for innovation influence this effect. Ninety-six Directors of Academic Affairs and Section Chiefs of Curriculum participated in this study from 84 first-tier vocational high schools in Taiwan. The analysis of hierarchical regression revealed that there is a partial moderator effect for the support for innovation and organizational learning in the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational innovation. The results indicated that a better innovative effect occurs when school principals used the strategies of transformational leadership. Given limited resources and time, the principals, in addition to using the transformational leadership, could also promote organizational learning and support for innovation side-by-side.