HomeThe Asia-Pacific Education Researchervol. 20 no. 1 (2011)

Reliability and Validity of an Information and Communications Technology Attitude Scale for Teachers

Wee Leng Ng

Discipline: Education



Information and communications technology (ICT) has become a central element of educational reform because of its assumed effectiveness in enhancing students’ learning and thinking. Central to effective integration of ICT into teaching are teachers’ attitudes towards ICT. In this paper, there is a description of the development of the ICT Attitude Scales for Teachers (ICTAST), through adapting a widely-used computer attitude scale and writing of new items, and conducting a field test of this instrument in assessing the attitudes of 147 secondary school teachers in Singapore towards ICT. The internal reliability indices, alpha coefficients are adequate for all the four subscales and the entire scale of the ICTAST. The Pearson correlation coefficients between the subscales and the whole scale are significant at 1% level. These results provide initial evidence regarding the construct validity of the ICTAST.