HomeThe Asia-Pacific Education Researchervol. 20 no. 2 (2011)

Constructivist-oriented Data-logging Activities in Chinese Chemistry Classroom: Enhancing Students’ Conceptual Understanding and Their Metacognition

Feng Deng | Wenli Chen | Ching Sing Chai

Discipline: Education, Learning Environment



This study investigated whether the implementation of constructivist-oriented data-logging activities in high school chemistry classroom would enhance students’ conceptual understanding and their metacognition. Participants comprised 96 eleventh-grade Chinese students separated into two groups. The data-logging based learning environment (DBLE) group was equipped with data-loggers and engaged in constructivist-oriented inquiry activities. The comparison or traditional group was taught in a lecture-oriented manner, and spent much time on solving textbook problems. An eight-item Conceptual Understanding of Hydrolysis and Titration (CUHT) test and an adapted metacognition questionnaire were administered to all participants. Results showed that constructivist uses of data-logging in chemistry teaching seem to further develop students’ understanding of chemistry concepts and their metacognition. The study indicated that students’ metacognition is significantly associated with their conceptual understanding in chemistry.