HomeDLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studiesvol. 6 no. 12&13 (1970)


Brother Edward Baldwin

Discipline: Philosophy




The life of every man is a voyage of discovery, an adventurous quest for highly-prized goals, Man's insatiable thirst to discover the answers to life's multiple mysteries has led him ever onwards, continually striving to push back the frontiers of his ignorance. But modern man has come to realize that the greatest mystery of all is within himself, and he embarks upon this exciting voyage with mingled feelings of anticipation and fear. The search for oneself can be as fascinating as any romantic exploration of uncharted lands; yet it may terminate in frustration and failure if one lacks a competent guide to show the way to personal self-discovery.  Young people in particular stand in need of guidance in their personal search. The competence of their teachers to serve as guides will depend upon how adequately the mentors are making their own voyage of discovery, how fully they are growing in self-awareness and self-identity.