HomeDLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studiesvol. 6 no. 12&13 (1970)

Research, Teaching, and Academic Freedom

Salvador R. Gonzalez

Discipline: Education



It is customary in the Philippines to think of faculty members of institutions of higher learning - colleges and universities - simply as teachers, and to consider teaching as the chief function of professors. As a result of this misconception, professors are told ·that their primary obligation is not the advancement of learning or research, which is considered as a luxury, but the teaching of students since the tuition fees are obtained from them. This is particularly true in the majority of private institutions. In addition to that, there is a prevailing parochial view of academic freedom which must be corrected before it destroys the very structure of higher education - or what is left of it – in this country. It is therefore important that we discuss such pertinent concepts as research, teaching, and academic freedom in the light of better knowledge. Academic freedom cannot be fully understood apart from its relation to research and teaching in institutions of higher learning.