HomeDLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studiesvol. 7 no. 15 (1971)

Some Notes on Philippine Histography

Marcelino A. Foronda Jr.

Discipline: History



For the purposes of this paper, history is taken to mean a deliberate effort to give an account of some past event or combination of events; a description of past societies, conditions, ideas and institutions or a narrative of past careers. Historiography, on the other hand, means in its entirety the writings of history, or histories. Historiography, then, includes formal historical writings, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies; I will even go as far as to say that while some literary works like novels and long works of fiction are not historical works, qua historical works, nevertheless such works may be used by the historian to great advantage, not for the historical data that they might present, for at best these are only marginal or peripheral, but for a dimensional quality or the different insights that they might give to certain historical events.