HomeDLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studiesvol. 13 no. 2 (1977)

Research in Chemistry Teaching Career in the Philippines

Rivero L.u.

Discipline: Education, Natural Sciences



While studying for six years in a German university where the teaching of chemistry is laboratory-oriented and where chemistry students are geared towards research in their respective fields, the author could not help comparing the German educational system with that of the Philippines. As a result of that comparative study, it was realized that if we expect the students who are finishing a science course to have the proper scientific attitude of searching and open-mindedness, these qualities ought to characterize first of all the teachers themselves. What is really meant by research while teaching Chemistry subjects? Is the repetition of an age-old procedure using modified materials research? Is gathering of simple data a part of research too? If one is professionally a teacher in the field of chemistry, any undertaking, be it theoretical or experimental, be it a follow up, a check, a comparison, analogy, if there is originality in it - it might be the interpretation or the aspect, can be in the broader sense considered research. This is rather a generous definition of research but the conditions in the Philippines and the teaching job warrant that generosity.