HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 4 no. 1 (1995)

Filipiniana and Rizaliana

Luis Montilla

Discipline: History



In my many years of service in the National Library, I have noted that the Filipiniana Collection is one that appeals to all Filipino librarians, scientists and historians, as well as to a wide range of readers with the minimum of patriotic feelings. By Filipiniana we mean not only publications and manuscripts indicative of the culture, history and civilization of the Philippines, but also any object of the same import. In this paper, however, we are concerned only with reading matter. Since 1908, several things had transpired leading to the building up of a Filipiniana. On June 3 of that year, the First Philippine Assembly created the Philippine Public Library by enacting Law No. 1849. It was the main purpose of those early Filipino lawmakers, as expressed in that law, to form a Filipiniana in the Philippines, for they brought together all books, pamphlets, manuscripts and documents relative to the Philippines, especially its history.