HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 5 no. 1 & 2 (1957)

Jose Rizal, The Educator

Eufronio M. Alip

Discipline: History



I am deeply appreciative of the honor conferred upon me to speak before this select audience, and to discuss with you on a topic which is nearest to my heart - Rizal, the Educator. To us who have been and still are dedicating our time and energies to teaching, which, by and large, is considered the most noble of professions, a chance to talk and discuss about it cannot but be a source of great gratification, particularly if the ideals, interest, and achievements of our greatest hero in this field are touched upon. To Rizal, there can be no doubt that the education of his people was the most important of his mission and achievements. For did not Rizal say that the moral ailments of the people are more serious that the physical? And has not Rizal said that only through education will his countrymen become worthy of the freedom he had always wanted for them? And that through education will his country receive light?