HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 6 no. 1 (1958)

Lapulapu in our History

Miqueas Tumulak

Discipline: History



LAPULAPU, the famous King of Mactan, was destined by Fate to attract world-wide attention when he gloriously defeated Ferdinand Magellan, the famous European explor­er who came to our shores in the interest of the King of Spain. In spite of the signifi­cance of the achievement ex­clusively attributable to Lapu­lapu, history fails to record an accurate life history of this Great Malayan Defender, perhaps, because Lapulapu was born in a period when stories are better told than read. But for those who are interested in the life of Lapu­lapu I think legends that have been handed down from gene­ration to Generation will suf­fice to give light on the simple primitive life enjoyed by Lapulapu and his people.