HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 6 no. 2 & 3 (1958)

Historical Documents

Dr. Domingo Abella

Discipline: History



A compilation of the writings of the Spaniards on the topic of our armed rebellion against their rule in the Islands at the end of last century, written during and shortly after the conflict, had been gathered by this writer from sources here –and abroad. It is planned to publish it in the English version of the documents sometime in the future for the benefit of our non-Spanish speaking present and future generations in a series of volumes entitled as above: THE PHILIPPINE REVOLUTION AS SEEN BY THE SPANIARDS.


The documentary collection consists of writings which saw the light in public either in newspapers and magazines in Spajn, or in pamphlets and books printed in Madrid or in Manila. It includes also a number of unpublished accounts of events hitherto unknown to our historians and historiographers which may help elucidate some doubts, or solve conflicting versions of particular incidents of the war or individual activities of prominent personages of the time, Filipino or Spaniard.