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Political Affairs

Discipline: History



As stated earlier, the government in Spain, the Spanish officials in the Philippines and the colonists as a whole, welcomed the Chinese in the Philippines because they expected to derive many benefits from them. The Spanish mercantile class expected to reap huge profits from their trade with China, using the Philippines as their base of operations and the services of the Chinese in the Philippines. At times, too, the Spanish colonial government used the services of the Chinese POLITICAL AFFAIRS as rowers in the galleons and as laborers in their construction projects in building bridges, public edifices, roads, and churches. The missionaries, on their part, dreamed not only of converting the Philippine Chinese to Christianity but also of using the Chinese influence, if any, in their desire to Christianize the Chinese. in the mainland. At any rate, the Spaniards considered the Chinese in the Philippines as necessary and useful, for really in the very words of Bishop Salazar, they were the fishern:ten, gardeners, hunters, weavers, brick-makers,

lime-burners, carpenters, and iron-makers ..... tailors, cobblers, bakers, candle makers, confectioners, apothecaries, painters, silversmiths, etc. and he added: The commerce with the Sangleyes has always been considered important for the supplies and trade not only of this city, but of those who come here to invest their money, and from what is expected from it in the future. For it might be that by this means we shall get a foothold in that great realm (China) which of all things is so much desired.