HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 7 no. 3 (1959)

The Philippine Insurgent Records Their Rightful Custodian

Federico S. Shenkel

Discipline: History



In 1953 as an aftermath of the recovery by the Philippine governmentof the papers taken from Rizal upon his indictment for treason inDecember 1896, papers that were being sold at a fabulous price by acertain private individual in Spain, the director of the Bureau of PublicLibraries thought it high time to recover also the so-called PhilippineInsurgent Records which were taken to Washington. A letter was sentto the President of the Philippines recommending negotiations to this effect.Not only the records in Washington but also those documents thatmay have been taken away by the English in the 18th century and believed to be in some archives in India, were mentioned in that letter.