HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 7 no. 4 (1959)

Chapter II: Ideas of National Expansion

Discipline: History



Even before the United States went to war against Spainto liberate Cuba, Schurman had definite ideas on Americanintervention in Cuban affairs: He stated his views in a letterto President McKinley dated November 22, 1897, by way ofanswer to Hannis Taylor who previously had proposed a policyof withdrawal and non-cooperation with the Cubans. Schurman said: …While I think it is sound American policy to work, for the withdrawal of European nations from this Continent, I holdthat, if we intervene in Cuba at all, we must seek justificationfor our act, either on the ground of humanity or on the groundof protection to our trade and commerce. Recognition would,be a violation of-the law of nations and a ground for war. President McKinley answered Schurman's letter and thanked himfor his clear, concise and forcible statements.