HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 8 no. 3 (1960)

The Priceless Legacy and Glorious Heritage of the Filipino People

Jose Batungbacal

Discipline: History



Now, to contribute our mite to the foregoing undertaking, we shall take "a journey into the enchantments of the past," for as Rizal said, "It will be necessary to reveal our past so that we may better judge the present and measure the road we have travelled during three centuries." And we shall follow the advice given by Sarmiento to the writers of Spanish America one hundred years ago, to cast your observing eye upon land, upon the people, the customs, their institutions, the problems that exist there, and write of them lovingly, with your heart, what you feel, what occurs to!" (Sunday Times Magazine, Sept. 27, 1959. p. 32)