HomePhilosophia: International Journal of Philosophyvol. 16 no. 1 (2015)

Ecological Ethical Perspectives on Infrastructural Development: The Nigerian Experience

Mark Omorovie Ikeke

Discipline: Philosophy



Continuous massive infrastructural development is necessary if a nation is to remain on the pathway to development and be considered a developed nation. Infrastructural development involves the building of roads, dams, bridges, power plants, health facilities, schools, etc. These infrastructures help in adequate provision of goods and services to the people. Provision and maintenance of social infrastructures often could have impact and effects on the natural environment. Some of these effects at times are negative and could damage the ecosystem. Some infrastructural development projects are carried out without environmental impact assessment. This paper argues that infrastructural development projects should be carried out within the framework of the values of ecological ethics. It uses a critical analytic method and finds out that the values of ecological ethics are necessary for sustainable infrastructural development in Nigeria.