HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 10 no. 2 (1962)

The Hunters and the Southwest Pacific Area Command

Discipline: History



As early as May 15, 1943, the Hunters, through Juan Daza, established radio communications with the GHQ SWPA through the facilities of the 6th Military District of Brigadier General (then Colonel) Macario Peralta in Panay island. Aside from this particular mission, Daza was sent by Terry to the 6th Military district to report on the pretenses of one Policarpio who claimed to be a member of the 6th Military District and boasted of radio contact with general MacArthur. Policarpio was allowed to settle among the Hunters at Pililla, Rizal. For a time he attracted people around him for he had money. On March 5, 1943, Terry sent Policarpio away for cowardice in the face of Japanese attacks.