HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 19 no. 1 (1974)

Part One: Introduction

Eufronio M. Alip

Discipline: History, Philippine History



This special issue of The Journal of History contains a paper of Dr. Eufronio M. Alip entitled The Barangay Through the Ages. Together with the article are pertinent Presidential Decrees, Proclamations, and Letters of Instruction. It is divided into seven parts: the Introduction,  The Ancient Barangay System, The Barangays during the Spanish and American Regime, The Philippine Barrios (Barangays) Today, Typical Life in the Barrio (Barangay), The Barangay in the New Society and Appendices. The last part contains Presidential Decrees, Proclamations and letters of Instruction that are connected to Barangays in the Philippines.