HomePhilippine Association for the Sociology of Religion Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2014)

The Religious Coexistence in Lebanon: Messages and Lessons

Ziad Fahed

Discipline: Religion



The Lebanese society is structured according to religious confessions. In a country of 10,452 km², Lebanon has 18 religious confessions officially recognized by the Constitution. Some of these religious groups came to Lebanon searching in its mountainous landscape for a safe and peaceful refuge away from persecutions. In other words, it was the arduous landscape that has attracted all those who sought to freely live their political and religious beliefs. They preferred the harsh life in the mountains, over the comfort of city life, just to preserve and defend their religious beliefs and their cherished freedom. Over the years, and due to the religious diversity that developed in this country, Lebanon has become a “mosaic of religions”: But any mosaic is fragile by definition. Salah Stetie1 wrote “this land of mountain and high plateau has always attracted rebels: those who refuse to bend to the ideas of the current reigning and dominating ideology. Here, sheltered by the magnificent rocks and the narrow valleys… you can say “No” to those trying to make you say “Yes” when you do not wish to”.