HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 22 no. 1-2 (1977)

Aga Khan Museum: Repository of Cultural Heritage

Mamitua D. Saber

Discipline: History



The Charter of Mindanao State University (Rep. Act 1893, under Sec. 2) enjoins that institution to undertake studies of "Filipino Native Culture" along with the sciences and the humanities. In order to implement the Charter, the university founded a museum for the preservation, conservation, and study of Filipino cultural tradition. Starting in 1962 as a simple Folk Art Center, it is today called the Aga Khan Museum, a repository of art, cultural, and historical collections, especially from the immediate Mindanao culture area.

This paper describes the condition of the Aga Khan Museum – from acquiring its collection to the continuous process of museum development, and most importantly, its importance to students and researchers on their study of regional history.