HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 28-29 no. 1-2 (1984)

Conceptual Approach as Against Traditional Method of Teaching History

Judith G. Verdadero

Discipline: History



The idea of conceptual approach came about as a result of the emergence of the so-called "New Social Studies." Before I elucidate on the conceptual approach, allow me to present the differences between traditional and new social studies. Leonardo D. de la Cruz referred to those aspects of the social studies being deemphasized as "traditional" and those emphasized as the "new" social studies. He pointed out that it is extremely difficult to draw a boundary line between these two, for many elements of the so-called "new" social studies have roots in the past; likewise, many elements of the so-called "traditional" are vital parts of the "new" social studies. He, however, offered ten distinctive shifts in emphasis in the teaching of this subject.