HomeThe Trinitian Student Researchervol. 1 no. 1 (2008)

The Quality of Recycled Papers with Corn Husk (Zea mays) and Banana Peeling (Musa compressa) as Components

Mary Grace Baylon | Marianne Catbagan | Raemaeri De Castro | Anna Rose Dela Cruz | Clarisse Flores | Jamecca Paula Pagayon

Discipline: Ecology



This study attempted to determine the quality of recycled papers with the use of banana peeling and corn husk as component materials. A ratio of 1 part test material (banana pulp/corn pulp) and 3 parts paper pulp was formulated in developing the recycled paper.


The study showed that banana peeling and corn husk can be used as component materials in paper recycling. To assess the quality: appearance, texture, permeability and durability of the recycled papers, High School students were randomly selected as responents. It was found out that the paper with banana peeling is better in texture and durability while the paper with corn husk is better in terms of appearance and permeability. The computed mean rank showed that the paper with banana peeling ranked higher than the paper with corn husk. This implies that banana peeling is a better component material in paper recycling and the recycled paper with banana pulp is of better quality.

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hello! i would like to ask for a full pdf of your study for our research rrs