HomeThe Trinitian Student Researchervol. 1 no. 1 (2008)

Crowding Index and Incidence of Common Colds in Urban Poor Households

Ana Carmela Erika Reblora | Jeanne Victoria Reniva | Kristine Romorosa | Nina Karla Rosal | Ma. Cristina Roscano | Melanjo Rulloda | Zytel Joyce Marie Santos | Rashid Sidic

Discipline: Social Science, Health



This study determined the crowding index of 80 households in Barangay Kalusugan, District IV, Quezon City, and the contribution of factors such as type of house, number of rooms, location of room/s, structure of house and floor area to the crowding index; the incidence rate of common colds as well as its relation to the crowding index.


Results of the study showed that location of room/s, floor area and type of housing are conditions in households that affect the crowding index. The incidence of common colds among the households is 34 percent. Crowding index and the incidence of common colds are significantly related, thus, the higher the crowding index the greater is the possibility that the incidence of common colds will rise.