HomeHarvestvol. 6 no. 1 (2010)

College Academic Performance and Civil Engineers Board Ratings of the Graduates of the BU CEDE: A Correlation Study

Leonardo V. Surio

Discipline: Education



As a follow up to the previously conducted study in the College of Environmental Design and Engineering (CEDE) determining the influence of the Mathematics foundation and the Science foundation from high school on the academic performance of the Civil Engineering board passers, this study is the second attempt to identify factors affecting the board performance of the CE graduates. The academic performance based on their grades while they were in the CEDE and the ratings in the CE Board were put into focus. Other factors such as curriculum content, the faculty members’ influence on

the graduates focusing on their qualifications, teaching delivery and teaching techniques, the academic

policies, the instructional quality and services offered by the school were also looked into and evaluated.


The study found out that only a handful of the CE graduates passed the CE board because many were poorly prepared while they were in the CEDE. Also, the Civil Engineering curriculum is relevant and responsive to the requirements of the board examination. This only shows that the curriculum content does not direct the course of the CEDE’s performance in the CE Board, but the academic performance of the students who followed it. The favorable results of the students’ evaluation of the faculty members indicate that the students like their teachers and have confidence in their capabilities to deliver the right education to them. Lastly, academic policies in the CEDE affect the quality and the quantity of graduates and subsequent, their performance in the board examination. Strict implementation of the retention policy will effectively weed out unprepared entering students and those who are already in the CEDE.