HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 56 no. 1 (2010)

King Gaam, the Last Monarch of Agbonan (now San Isidro), Bohol, in the Early 19th Century

Emmanuel Luis A. Romanillos

Discipline: Governance, Philippine History



This paper narrates the hitherto unpublished account of King Gaam and his "kingdom," which flourished in Agbonan (now San Isidro), Bohol, towards the last decades of the 18th century up to the early part of the 19th century. This historical episode is placed in context with other known events and personalities in Bohol history, including the Dagohoy Rebellion, considered the longest revolt in the Philippines. Through this paper, it is hoped that King Gaam's legacy shall be remembered not only by the Boholanos but also by the rest of the Filipino nation. The little information we know about this valiant freedom-fighter and "king" had shown how, with independence from any foreign power, a people could still survive against all odds.