HomeAdvancing Information Technology Researchvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Liberty Christian School Enrollment and Cashiering System

Genny F. Abe-abe | Nyqueen D. Idol | Marc M. Magallano | Sandy Elvin S. Nulada | Sydney E. Sale | Cecilio Tongco Jr.



The Liberty Christian School is a Christian coeducational day school, named after Pastor Celis. It was established on November 28. The Liberty Christian manual enrollment and cashiering system was developed in 1993 and it’s unable to meet the growing demands for their students. Hence, it needs a reengineering and introduce new modification for the system in accordance to the fast-changing technology. The new well - enhanced automated system of Liberty Christian School Enrollment and Cashiering System has begun this year during the second semester of 2007-2008. The new system of Liberty Christian School has improved to the unsatisfactory performance of the old system. The certain flow of our program is inputting the necessary information of the students and supply the correct output of the enrollment, and the selected accounts of the students. There are certain necessities that have been added in the system, like, a student could possibly be accelerated or dropped out from class due to failed subjects of which the student could have made up or summer classes within that year. Also, the students could promptly ask for an assessment of his/her subjects together with his/her accounts. There are typical problems of the system that has been established but because of this proposal the system is clarified and settled in some ways, such as records of students are easily updated and information are being retrieved accurately, accounting data is efficient with minimal accounting errors. Also, it enhances cashiering productivity.