HomeAdvancing Information Technology Researchvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Sales and Inventory System of Edmar Marketing

Jennylen Abacahin | Delia Amil | Maricel Canda | Althea Dumon | Marie Anafaye Matilos | Laurence Perocho



Edmar Marketing currently does its sales and inventory manually. As such, it takes time to locate certain files for reports and the entries in the monitoring sheet are not clear, thus, creating confusion. The project is an automated Sales and Inventory System which has an array of functions involving sales and inventory that can be of very big help to the company. It aims to make files updated and easy to locate, hence, data and information become accurate and orderly which may provide a faster alternative or means in doing the inventory. The system inventory may also be harder to cheat because the coming in and going out of stocks are recorded in the system. The warehouse personnel is more accurate in their reports and can save more time by using the system. Since the system user has saved time, the personnel in-charge can then be more productive in terms of output which can be beneficial to the company.