HomeAdvancing Radiologic Technology Researchvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Written Revalida Examination as Predictor in Passing the Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination among the Radiologic Technology Graduates of Liceo de Cagayan University

James A. Almajar | Jessa May S. Gabule | Romil M. Quilantang | Nino Jan G. Semine | Oliver Y. Velasco

Discipline: Radiologic Technology, Exam



The success of every student does not depend on how much grades he has, but on how he learns and applies his knowledge. Determining the academic performance of a student in the written revalida, Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination and its relationship is the primary intention of this study. Knowing the weakness and strengths of a student in a certain examination would help the student to motivate more on his/her studies. This study would also help to lessen the number of students who failed in the Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination and its contributing factor that made them to obtain a failure grade by enhancing the academic program of the school. The Radiologic Technology clinical internship program aimed to provide clinical skills and excellent core values towards patient care among intern students. Its objective is to develop the students with a broad skill in applying into clinical practice the learned theories in the classroom generally. Specifically at the point of the program the students are expected to perform different diagnostic procedures in diagnostic computed tomography, ultrasound, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine and to employ protective measures and devices for radiation workers and the general public. . The Revalida is a comprehensive examination, in oral (25%), practical application (25%) and written (50%) based on all major subjects. This will be given on the first week of October (Pre-revalida) and first week of March of the clinical internship program. Failure of the revalida will merit an extended rotation of duty. The study showed that only one Cluster is a predictor in passing the Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination compared to the Written Revalida Examination. It also showed that four clusters (1, 3, 4, and 5) are not significant in passing the Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination. All graduates have failed their Written Revalida Examination. All graduates have passed their Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination. Among all the clusters composed the examination in both Written Revalida Examination and Licensure Examination does not predict in passing the Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination, except the Image Production and Evaluation.