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The Political Culture of Select Letran Students

Francis A. Palabay | Prince Aian G. Villanueva

Discipline: Social Science



When it comes to social and political participation, the youth comes to mind last. The culture of politics amongst students is a shady idea especially in an institution like that of Colegio de San Juan de Letran. In a school setting, social media (websites that create inter-personal relationship), school culture (which can be described as characteristics inherent to the Colegio), and influential people (who may be members of the faculty and seminar guest speakers) are considered as primary influential factors for political orientation due to their accessibility for students while inside the school. Through Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis that examines power relations involved in the discourses available in political forums, this paper describes the political culture of Letran students. As illustrated in this paper, the political culture of Letran students is a collection of characteristics that may as well give the political identity of the Letran student body as a whole: a mixture of tolerant, active-conservative and a democratic political culture.