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Saulo, Alfredo. "Let George Do It": A Biography of Jorge B. Vargas. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 1992. 281 pp.

Jose Victor D. Jimenez



Writing a biography is not a new undertaking for Alfredo Saulo. As stated in the back flap of the book under review, he has written about the lives of Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel L. Quezon and Felipe Agoncillo. With the publication of this volume, Mr. Saulo has added another chapter to the body of literature on the biography of prominent figures in Philippine history. The subject of Saulo's work is the Honorable Jorge B. Vargas, who served continuously in various capacities for more than thirty years under the Americans (1911-1935), the Commonwealth (19351941) and the Japanese (1942-1945) (p. 216). This book is now part of the collection of the U.P. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center and it "has the honor of being number one in the Museum's publications program" (p. ix).