HomeKAYÂ TAOvol. 13 no. 1 (1994)

Health-Seeking Behavioral Patterns among the Physically Disabled: Biomedical Vs. Traditional Approaches

Luis Carmela L. Buenaventura

Discipline: Health, Social Studies



This paper explores the health-seeking behavioral patterns among the physically disabled and how their immediate family members undertake to "cure" or "relieve" themselves of the worries and anxieties an illness or disease creates prior to the onset of a disabling condition. It is an exploratory study dealing with the coping mechanisms disabled individuals and their families employ as they prepare to fully accept their affliction through physical and social rehabilitation in Bahay Biyaya, an institution managed by the Tahanang Walang Hagdanan Foundation. Inc. By examining the Philippine socio-cultural belief system of indigenous and alternative interpretation, this study transcends pure biomedical and natural scientific descriptions of health, illness and disability-causing diseases and investigates the patterns of resort sought by the victims including the major decisions they undertake involving the choice between consulting a biomedical practitioner or traditional healer.