HomeKAYÂ TAOvol. 13 no. 1 (1994)

Organizational Culture of Chinese Business Organizations in the Philippines: A Case Study

Patricia Ana Garde | Alama Amador | Anne Dumagat

Discipline: Social Studies, Organizational Culture



This study describes and determines the development, content, and characteristics of the organizational culture of three financially successful Chinese business organizations in the Philippines. Four general variables namely: factors of culture development, variables of culture content, variables of culture characteristics and business activities and performance are dealt with in this study. Data were gathered following a descriptive research design using interview guides and power distance tests as instruments. Thirty respondents who represented all departments of each company participated in the interviews conducted. Results of the study showed ten possible crucial factors, characteristics and values of successful companies. These are: having past knowledge and experience of running a business, being customer oriented, human relations oriented, and group oriented, having average strength in promulgating the values of the company, being internally and externally adaptive, having good employee relationships, small power distances and promulgating values of effectiveness and efficiency, loyalty and good relationships. In addition, findings also showed that the three companies possess characteristics and values, which present dual implications/effects for their company, and that the three (3) companies varied in terms of characteristics and values in certain variables, - thereby indicating that there is no definite set  of characteristics and values which defines success for a company and that the use of whatever characteristics and values, a company may have, for its own benefit is more important than identifying such characteristics.