HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciencesvol. 1 no. 1 (2014)

Survey and Documentation of the Isnags Traditional Farming Tools and Implements

Ronald O. Ocampo

Discipline: Gardening



This study was conducted to document farming tools and implements of the Isnags of Apayao. The study made used of the descriptive survey method of research with key informant interview and documentation as primary data gathering tools. The Isnags are bounded with beliefs and practices in all walks of their life. In the performance of these beliefs and practices, some of their farming tools are being utilized. A popular festival featuring ethnic songs, dances and rituals called the Say-am is being performed as a means of preserving their unique cultural traditions. The aliwa is used in the performance of a ritual as they cut the head of a dog or a pig to be used during say-am. After the say-am is the giving of food wrap in banana or “samak” leaves signifying the commence of the activity.