HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciencesvol. 1 no. 1 (2014)

A Feasibility Study on Offering Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology (With Business Track on Business Processing Outsourcing)

Dr. Arly B. Balingbing

Discipline: Education



This study aimed to determine the (1) respondents’ profile, (2) the College’s strength and weaknesses, (3) the demand and supply of ABIT graduates for the next five years, (4) the course’s feasibility in Rinconada, and (5) the socio-economic benefits in offering the ladderized degree. Using descriptive survey method and random sampling, data were gathered from 1,578 graduating students from eight high schools in Nabua, Camarines Sur through questionnaire and informal interview. Statistical tools used are frequency count and percentage technique. Findings showed that 63%of the respondents were female, 56% were 15-16 years old, and 33% were parents-dependent. The College is ISO – certified with academically conducive, state-of-the-arts facilities and capable faculty members but no resident instructors of outsourcing-related course. It is situated in a province with two BPO companies which require about 16, 000 employees by 2016 subject to yearly increase. But few graduates are hired due to lack of required competencies and no school offer ABIT with BPO specialization. Respondents considered the course attractive (60%) and highly employable locally and internationally (50%).


To conclude, offering ABIT with BPO specialization is feasible since the external and internal aspects are favorable, the needed facility and faculty are available and no other school in Camarines Sur offers it. The administration supports the new program as part of the College’s mandates and as stipulated in its 2014-2018 Strategic Development Plan.