HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)

Level of Competence of Food & Beverage Services NC II Passers: Basis for Strengthening the Training Program in Western Visayas

Raymund B. Moreno

Discipline: Education



This study aimed to assess the level of competence of Food and Beverage Services NC II certified passers in Western Visayas as part of ensuring that what industry wants (stated as a competency standards) comes back in outcomes of training (represented by a credential issued to a learner). Moreover, the result of the study serves as the basis for designing a proposed training plan in strengthening the Food and Beverage Services NC II Training Program in Western Visayas. The study surveyed 50 Food and Beverage Services Certified NC II Passers and 8 supervisors assigned in different hotel establishments in Western Visayas using the survey questionnaire based from TESDA’s training regulations for Food and Beverage Services NC II  to collect relevant data from the population of the study. The data was analyzed using frequency count, means, standard deviation, ranks and SPSS software for statistical analysis. Results of the study based on the data culled from the respondents’ collated scores showed that NC II passers are fully aware of the competencies required by the industry in their workplace. T –tests indicated that there are significant differences among the responses of participants NC II passers and their respective supervisors. The obtained p value of 0 .008, 0 .006 and 0 .000 for t- test paired differences was less than 0 .05 alpha levels on basic, common and core competencies. Study also showed that there is a varying degree of responses on the perceived level of competence of Food and Beverage Services NC II passers in Western Visayas in all competencies as rated by the NC II passers’ themselves compared to the ratings of their respective supervisors. Thus, this study supported to the thesis that on the perceived level of competence based on the core competencies, both respondents are in agreement in the importance of executive bodies of national systems that work in the field of competencies standardization and/or certification applied to meet the required standards of industry. Despite of the mandated standards of Food and Beverage NC II trainings and Competency Assessment, participants are in agreement that there are major issues and concerns to be accounted for further improvements.