HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

A Development of Knowledge Database Management System of Sufficiency Economy for Basic Education Principal

Nak Ai Nikom

Discipline: Social Science



Knowledge database management system of sufficiency economy for basic education principal has been developed by Moodle, the open source of learning management system (LMS) and developed seventh step of the research cycles. Step 1: The need assessment for analyses element of sufficiency economy database for basic education and concentrate to school administration. Step 2: The Product Design, the Researcher developed core of Database System by Moodle and consisted of: Assignment Module, Chat Module, Choice Module, Forum Module, Journal Module, Quiz Module, Resource Module, Survey Module, Workshop Module, Lesson Module, Glossary Module, WiKi Module and SCORM Module. Step 3: Product Development, We used Moodle Version 9 to Designed login Menu and Registered Domain Name to Hosting, powered by LAMP, Integrated Application used of Linux, Apache server, MySql and PHP. Step 4: Preliminary Field Test and Initial Product Revision, the researchers to monitor and improve the quality of early found that the stability is satisfactory and reasonable speed. Step 5: Main Field Test and Step 6: Final Product Revision, Check the system with the primary goal found that the first web page (Homepage) modules will be even complete set. Step 7: Publishing database, Main target groups covered test system. Interesting name that is friendly and clearly defined in line with research. Result of the development of knowledge management issues under the principle of modesty, the validity Principle of immunity as well, Conditions of knowledge and integrity, applied to management of basic education for school administrators.