HomeASLP Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

An Evaluative Review of the Library Cooperation Program of the Inter-University Consortium

Joseph Yap

Discipline: Librarianship



The graduate of business library cooperative program started in the late 1980s with four member universities. The cooperative program was named Inter-University Consortium (IUC). With more than two decades of its existence, this paper will realize how effective the partnership was in terms of providing services to its consortium members, most especially with their students. The paper will also discuss students’ awareness toward IUC. The research follows three objectives: to quantify the number of active users visiting the IUC member school libraries; to know the impact of services, programs and facilities of the consortium based on the students’ awareness and perception; to understand the limitations, problems and opportunities in strengthening the IUC graduate business library cooperative program. A series of interviews were scheduled as well as distribution of survey questionnaires to the MBA students was facilitated. Findings would suggest that different consortium members have different approaches in promoting the consortia. The strength and effectiveness of the consortium lies greatly to the marketing strategy of the library to ensure that everybody will benefit from the partnership.