HomeASLP Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)

Understanding Gender Discrimination among LIS Women: A Survey

Dr. Susmita Chakraborty

Discipline: Library Science



Gender Discrimination is supposedly a prevalent factor even in this day and time. A survey has been done to verify this notion and also to understand its subtle shades and nuances. The objective was to assess Gender Discrimination (if any) among the women working in the LIS domain. The number of respondents is 270 out of 500 questionnaires sent globally through list-serves, emails, and common friends. Personal interviews also have been used where possible especially in the conference/seminar crowds. It is found that Gender Discrimination exists in various forms but has significantly lost its strong foothold through the ages. Hence the perception varies with age, occupation, space and other factors. This study provided the author not only an understanding on the issue but also a chance to bond well with LIS Women irrespective of cast, position, age, religion and geographic regions. This global bonding may turn to be a positive factor in the eradication of the remnants of gender discrimination that are still persisting.