HomeBinhi: Letran-Calamba Student Research Journalvol. 9 no. 1 (2008)

Offering of Bachelor of Laws in Colegio de SanJuan de LetranCalamba

Gloria G. Acosta | John Paolo H. Baltazar | Sheila Ann B. De La Rama

Discipline: Management



The offering of Bachelor of Laws in Colegio de San Juan de LetranCalamba is in accordance with Commission on Higher Education’s call of expanding school programs and to the LetranCalamba’s mission of total human development and better quality of life for individuals and to its vision of becoming a university.


The project is feasible based on information gathered from the survey. The total project cost is Php550,000 which includes Php 10,000 for pre-operating cost and 10.01% contingency cost. The investment for the proposed project would be provided by the institution. The tuition fee would be Php955 per unit on a cash basis and Php1,002.75 per unit on installment basis. The curriculum of the course would be based on consultation with the law professors.


This project has an average return of investment in terms of accounting income of 10.43% every year and a payback period of 0.33 years.