HomeCAS Journal of Researchvol. 6 no. 2 (2012)

Design and preliminary dynamical analysis of fish cages for rivers and mountain streams to withstand strong typhoons

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Aquaculture



Geography very often determines the livelihood opportunities for the local communities of the typhoon prone island province of Catanduanes (Luzon). Sustainability of the island’s freshwater systems (FWS) have equally important opportunities with that of the marine waters for aquatic agricultural systems and the conservation of vanishing endemic fishes, mollusks and crustaceans (FMC). Providing livelihood for food, human and environmental security needs of the local people will require multi-pronged approaches that will include the infusion of technologies in inland aquaculture for cages to produce FMCs. This study presents the results of selecting suitable sites; the design of cages considering the unique river geomorphology and changing patterns of e-flows in the island due to extreme weather conditions; and dynamical analysis of these cage structures (floating and benthic) in selected rivers and mountain streams of the island to withstand strong water current and storm waters. Stress, loading, and stability of the cages in steady state as well as in medium and extreme water currents or waves were computed mathematically following Morrison motion equation; and considered also the anthropomorphy of a typical Catandunganon fisherfolk in relation to the dynamics of loading with the use of fluid and hydrodynamical perspectives.