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Ict-Integration-In Education as a Social Practice in a Post-Conflict Setting: An Analysis of an Ict-Integration in Education Program in Armm

Donn David P. Ramos



This paper is guided by the “practice turn” in social science and philosophy. It identifies ICT-integration in education as a practice or “something people do”. This empirical paper is largely based on the ICT-integration practices of identified high school teacher at the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. This paper utilizes Anthony Giddens’ structuration theory, guiding the practice framework, to delve into ICT-integration in the respective schools within the agency-structure continuum. The paper explores how ICT-integration facilitates and constrains the inclusion of culturally different social actors, and how these actors in turn mediate the social setting; moreover, it further depicts the aggregate effects of the ICT-integration practices and at the extra-organizational level. The paper also develops implications of this framework for ICT-integration studies and other researches.