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When I Look in the Mirror, What Do I See? DLSU Students' Creative Reflections on the “Levinasian Other”

Jeane C. Peracullo



Emmanuel Levinas is the philosopher for the 21st century. His ideas seem to resonate clearly with contemporary young people who struggle continuously with issues on what constitutes the self and the other. While most young people can't articulate themselves very well in traditional media like reflection papers and the like where they are expected to present their ideas in clear, logical and distinct manner, they are however, considerably and exceptionally adept at using current technologies to creatively and effectively express themselves. This paper presents a selected Philosophy of the Person students' take on the 'Levinasian other” through their photo essays, songs, poetry and art. The selection will include works by some students on their choice of animals as the “other.” A closer look into these creative inputs impacts on two important ways: firstly, on philosophizing as “praxis,” and secondly, on extending the ethics of Levinas to include nonhuman beings.