HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 3 no. 1&2 (1990)

The Present Management Crisis in Government: Some Lessons for Management Education

Andrew Gonzalez

Discipline: Education



By now, most fair-minded Filipinos with noaxe to grind and basically sympathizers ofthe so-called EDSA revolution have thrownup their hands in despair at the seeming ineptitudeof central government which, in spite ofgoodwill, the integrity of its key managers, andgenuine desire to serve the people, seems tobe unable to do anything right.The kindest word being used is inept.Changes have come too little and toolate, so that even with the recent changes inDecember, to recoup the losses of the firstfour and a half years in the last 500 days of theadministration, the mental outlook of mostpeople of goodwill is one of tolerance andsufferance and a prayer that somehow weshall see our way through to the elections and new leadership in mid-1992.