HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 3 no. 1&2 (1990)

Strategies and Tactics During Periods of Shortages

Ernesto Apodaca

Discipline: Economics, Business



Why do we have shortages despite tremendous progress in technology? Areshortages here to stay?To help resolve these questions, wemay tap the research findings of Dr. Sumer C.Aggarwal (Management of MaterialShortages, NAPM, 1982), Dr. Stuart U. Rich(Coping with Shortages: The Past as aGuide to the Future, NAPM, 1983), Dr. PhilipKotler (Marketing Strategy During Periodof Shortages, 1984), and Dr. Douglas J.Dalrymple (Marketing Management, 1986).A negative variance of supply relative todemand is our definition of a shortage. Thecauses of shortages therefore are both on thesupply side and the demand side.