HomeEducational Measurement and Evaluation Reviewvol. 5 no. 1 (2014)

Exploring Formula for Success in Teachers’ Licensure Examination in the Philippines

Maribel G. Gerundio | Marilyn U. Balagtas



The study aimed to discover a formula for success in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) through analysis of its relationship with students’ admission variables (high school grade point average and university admission test), academic variables (GPA in general, professional and specialization courses, and the overall grade in a teacher education program), and pre-board variables (general and professional education and overall pre-board score). Using the descriptive-correlational method, 286 pre-service teachers of a known Teacher Education Institution in the Philippines whose data were complete from entry to exit were qualified for analysis. 32% represents the pre-service teachers in two streams in BEED and 68% represents 15 specialization areas in the BSE program. Multiple regression using stepwise method was used to determine the best predictors of success in the LET. The results reveal that the significant predictors of success in passing the licensure examination for would-be elementary teachers include the performance in the admission test and professional education GPA. To the BSE, the same variables are significant predictors with the addition of the pre-board overall performance. Exploration of the best model led to formulas for greater likelihood of passing the LET.