HomeHealth Sciences Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Association of pre-natal exposure to alcohol or maternal obesity with orofacial clefts in children 5 years old and below: A case-control study

Catherine Denise L. Mendoza | John Michael A. Mendoza | Henry Ishmael D. Mina | Nina Katrina L Mirabueno | Cathrine P. Miura | Vicente Ii P. Requilme | Katherine B. Reynado | Jeffrey Ii G. Rico | Kristina Marie Michelle O. Rivera | Ronald P. Rivero | Ivyrose D. Robles | Georgina T. Paredes

Discipline: Health



Introduction Orofacial clefts (OFCs) are among the common congenital disorders in the Philippines. This study sought to determine if there is an association between prenatal exposure to alcohol and pre-pregnancy maternal obesity and the development of OFCs.

Methods A case-control study design was employed. Cases were recruited from a nongovernmental organization and controls, from the Pediatric Outpatient Department. Interviews were done and alcohol consumption was categorized as drank or did not drink alcohol. BMI was computed from mother's prenatal height and weight. Obesity was defined as BMI≥30 as classified by WHO. Data were analyzed using SPSS. Odds ratio with 95% CI was calculated to assess the association between orofacial clefts and maternal obesity and with maternal exposure to alcohol. Fisher's exact test was used to determine statistical significance.

Results The odds ratios for first trimester alcohol intake and obesity were 2.08 (p = 0.340, Fisher's exact) and 0.59 (p = 435, Fisher's exact), respectively.

Conclusion There may be an association between alcohol ingestion by mothers and development of OFCs in their offspring. There may be no association between pre-pregnant obesity and development of OFCs.