HomeHealth Sciences Journalvol. 2 no. 2 (2013)

Comparison of laryngoscopic view and ease of intubation with the use of Truview EVO2™ System (Truphatek®), and Macintosh blade in adult patients with predicted difficult intubation

Olivia C. Flores | Sharon Rose Umandap | Eric V. Nagtalon

Discipline: Healthcare



Introduction The timely management of a difficult airway is a critical skill for any anesthesiologist. This includes proficiency in the use of different devices to aid in securing the airway. One such device is the Truview EVO2 laryngoscope as an alternative to the conventional laryngoscope to intubate patients with anticipated or unrecognized difficult airway.

Methods This study compared the Cormack-Lehane laryngoscopic view and ease of intubation in forty patients randomized to be intubated using the Truview EVO2 or the Macintosh blade. Changes in mean arterial pressure and heart rate were also noted.

Results Patients intubated with the Truview had a significantly better laryngoscopic view, fewer attempts to put in the tube, and shorter time to successful intubation. Subjects in this group were also noted to have lower mean arterial pressure after intubation.

Conclusion The Truview laryngoscope afforded better laryngoscopic view and optimal conditions for intubation in patients predicted to have difficult airways. The reduced hemodynamic stimulation also presented an added benefit.